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Taken on a run around Los Angeles. 2013

Taken on a run around Los Angeles. 2013

Hello world

This piece of internet real estate is reserved thoughts that generate ideas, conversations, and projects. I’ll be writing to find and explore my interests with a community of people.

I build stuff as part of my everyday life. I jot some of what I build in workflows, scripts, research notebooks, evernote, simplenote, sketch notebooks, note cards. Some of these things become permanent parts of what I do, some of it gets shared among friends, and most of it never gets shown to the world.

Because it’s much easier to start a project than to finish a project, I am writing consistently and forcing myself to hit the publish button. The best growth happens in spurts. So here we go. The inaugural post to my blog.

Who am I?

Part of my life was spent as a researcher. I worked in human-computer interaction and built technologies to help motivated individuals create habits by shaping their environment and their habits.

Currently, I spend most of my time developing software. I work with a highly talented team to change how people use enterprise software at AWS.


Sharing narratives is a part of the human experience. When you hear a narrative, you use your perspective to create a new and different understanding of the story than the one I tell. Your mind turns complex topics into simple narratives.


I have a photo of me running at the top of this post. Running has brought me to see, hear and feel the world differently. I love swimming in every body of water I can find, eating as much spicy ethnic cuisine as my stomach can handle, and traveling by overnight train whenever I have the chance.

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Crafting long term growth is hard and important. Oftentimes, this isn't intuitive. I have the opportunity to wake up every day and do something I love: to help people uncover purpose and create massive change. The key is to connect people with what they already do, and then design change in technologies and habits. I write on Wordpress to share my personal challenges and strategies as I encounter people, cultures, and ideas